Ways to improve performance of react components

Want to make your React application faster? Want a checklist for eliminating common React performance issues? Well, you are in the right…

Nov 17th, 20185 min read


Fundamentals of rendering in React

In this article, I’m going to explain how rendering of components work in React. These concepts are not technical and can be understood by…

Nov 8th, 20183 min read

Design Patterns

Singleton - Creational Design Pattern

is one of the creational design pattern which creates only one instance of the class. Only one instance of the class is created per Java…

Feb 15th, 20171 min read


Share files from Tomcat

Sharing files with friends or colleagues who are in same network is every easy now. All you need is tomcat and name of your computer. So let…

Sep 21st, 20161 min read

Design Patterns

Design Patterns - Introduction

Design Patterns are proven solutions provided to commonly occurred problems while designing software solution. They evolved over years to…

Aug 24th, 20161 min read


Shared Git repository on lan

Few days back me along with my colleagues came up with an idea to do POC on healthcare mobile app using ionic. I thought of creating a…

May 20th, 20162 min read


Gradle Error - Ionic build for android

I’m learning Ionic framework to develop hybrid apps. However when I’m trying to build the application encountered “gradle” errors. If you…

Mar 22nd, 20161 min read


Start with Ionic

Ionic is a open source framework which is used to build Android and IOS apps  with “HTML 5, CSS & JavaScript”. Ionic helps you to write…

Mar 20th, 20162 min read


AngularJs Understanding Loading modules

Banging my head for 2 days gave me some insight into how AngularJs loads modules. In the previous posts I have been talking about $injector…

Sep 8th, 20154 min read


AngularJs $provider

In the previous post we have seen how $injector is used for Dependency Injection. In this post we will see the role of $provider in DI…

Sep 2nd, 20152 min read


AngularJs Reusable $modal dialog for Yes/No scenario !!

Every project requires a standard popup where we display error messages, or alerts with yes/no options. Every time we cannot write $modal…

Aug 28th, 20151 min read


AngularJs Loading modules

Loading modules is the most important step. Let’s see how it’s done !! runBlocks and invokeQueues are two important aspects in module…

Sep 6th, 20152 min read


AngularJs Double Injectors !!

When createInjector is called to load modules, there are two injectors created they are providerInjector & instanceInjector, createInjector…

Sep 6th, 20151 min read


AngularJs Revisiting createInjector

In the previous posts we have seen how DI is achieved using $provider and $injector. In this post we go further details of how exactly…

Sep 5th, 20151 min read


How DI is achieved in AngularJs ?

**createInjector **is called when application is bootstrapped in this method all the modules are loaded and resolved, so when we call…

Sep 2nd, 20151 min read


Angular $injector Vs $inject Vs Injector()

Following are the key differences: injector : Used to invoke or get dependencies into variables $inject : Used to inject dependencies into a…

Sep 1st, 20151 min read


AngularJs Understand DI & $injector

We all know in AngularJs requried components are Dependency Injected. For example, if we need $scope in controller, we simply inject…

Sep 1st, 20152 min read


Jasmine Framework !!

Jasmine is a very good, easily configurable unit testing framework for AngularJs. A simple test includes following pattern Matchers include…

Aug 27th, 20151 min read


Angular Directives Notes - Priorities

compile and prelink functions of directives with lower priority are run last, whereas postlink functions of directives with lower priority…

Jul 29th, 20151 min read


AngularJs Formatters & Parsers

Have you ever faced a situation where you doesn’t want to change your underlying model, but change how that model is viewed or when you want…

Jul 26th, 20153 min read